Finding the right property can be an incredibly time-consuming task. It is crucial to have a full-time Realtor helping you.

Kevin has multiple buyers that he helps at once, and with this, he looks at hundreds of properties each week. This gives buyers the best chance of finding a property that is an excellent fit. Due to Kevin’s expertise and excellent relationships with other Realtors, he knows how to help you, the buyer, write a competitive offer so that you can get the property that you want, even if you are up against other offers. His negotiation skills are superb.

But getting your offer accepted is only half of the battle. Once you get your offer accepted and begin the escrow process, there are a number of hurdles you still must overcome:


Kevin recommends having an inspector come take a look at every square inch of the property you’re trying to purchase. The inspector reviews things like plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, structure integrity, and roofing. The inspector may or may not recommend for you to get an additional expert to look at specific items if he/she sees anything that could potentially be a major issue.


Kevin recommends having a licensed termite company inspect all wood structures on the property for termite infestation and/or damage. If infestation and/or damage are found, the seller is typically responsible to fix the situation (this is something that Kevin will help you write into your offer). Termites are a major issue in dry, warm climate like San Diego, and knowing about the termite status of the home your about to purchase is critical.


If you, the buyer, want anything fixed by the seller before the closing escrow, Kevin helps you put your repair request in writing to submit to the seller. There is usually some negotiation involved here, and the seller might offer some sort of credit or cash back in lieu of performing repairs.


If you’re getting a home loan to purchase your property, an appraiser will go the property while in escrow to see if the value of the home is equal to or greater than the agreed upon purchase price. If the appraisal comes in below the agreed upon purchase price, you can try to negotiate a lower purchase price with the seller, or you might have to make a larger down payment in order to purchase the home. Kevin helps you through this entire process to make sure you get the fair end of the deal.


Kevin has been an entrepreneur since 2007. His first company was a cleaning business where he had 25 employees and hundreds of clients. Kevin has been in real estate since 2007 and is a Broker who brings to the table his well-rounded skill set of great communication, negotiation, and follow through along with his love for being a true fiduciary for his clients.

If you’d like Kevin to contact you to help you find and purchase a property, please click here to contact Kevin directly. Even if you are very early on in the buying process, or even if you are months or years away from buying, please contact Kevin now so he can help you get on the right path so you’re ready to buy when the time comes.