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What are the most important parts of the home? Why do we call it our home? When deciding to take your life savings and invest in buying a home it’s important to take a look at your values first. You may think you have your checklist items for what the house has to have like a double garage, pool, laundry in unit, etc. but you may surprise yourself as you begin to actually look. Do you value space, functionality, simplicity, ease, comfort, finances, family, travel, friends, or work?  How do these values interact with your life and how do you see them impacting your home? If you value family for example you may be looking for a open home where anyone could drop by and help themselves to the food in the kitchen. Or maybe you want a simplified small condo to maximize your ability to travel and get away from the real world. First, identify these values, put them in order, and then understand where they come from. You may be trying to resolve a value that no longer serves it’s purpose. It may be a value passed on from your family that you’re trying to resolve. Consider letting go of approval from your family and begin acceptance of your true self. This is when I believe you will find your true home. Beyond its borders, structure, or or placement you’ll be at peace with this large investment in yourself.

For more information on discovering your values, beliefs, or moving beyond dysfunctional family patterns contact Angie Colter, LMFT 94562, MT-BC, NCTMB. (651) 571-4081 or via email.

Angie believes in empowering health and preventative medicine. She will review aspects such as medical health, diet, physical activity/exercise, relationships, family, and goals for well-being. Angie believes in a strength and wellness based approach, creating ease, health, and wellness for her clients.
Angie holds a M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy, B.S. in Music Therapy, & is nationally board certified in music & massage therapy. She has been practicing in the health field since 2006. She currently works in Private Practice and for Specialized Therapeutic Services. Angie teams up with other natural health providers to offer you treatment choices and recommendations.