In a recent deal I did, I was representing the buyer on a nice home. There were three structures on the property. On the front of the property was the main house. In the middle of the property, there was a stand-alone structure that was just one room with a door and windows. This structure had electrical but no plumbing. There was a three-car garage on the back of the property.

During escrow, the appraiser pointed out that there was a major termite infestation with heavy damage to the one-room structure on the middle of the property. From the termite inspection, both the buyer and seller already knew about this, but the buyer agreed to purchase the property as-is because she planned to eventually demolish this structure and extend her kitchen into that space. The appraiser required that the structure be torn down before the close of escrow though, so I jumped into action and got it done.

This structure had fencing on both sides of it forming the property line, and this structure also helped form the property line, so once we removed it, we had to put up more fence in its place. Well guess what? When we tore down the structure, the entire fence on both sides was so damaged by termites that it fell down, too. Now, we had to replace the fence forming the boundary line of most of the south side of the lot, not just where the structure used to be.

Who pays for this you might ask? We had to do some hard negotiating, but we got everyone to agree on who would pay for what. Not only that, be we got the contractor in there and got the job done so we were still able to close escrow on time! I kept the buyers calm, and the sellers’ agent kept the sellers calm, too. It definitely helped that the sellers’ agent was great at her job because I couldn’t have done it on my own. Strange things like this happen all the time. Unexpected curve balls come our way constantly. One of my strengths is that I’m a problem solver. I never panic; I just keep moving in the forward direction by finding solutions and keeping excellent communication between both parties. This closing is one that I am most proud of in my career because I think most other agents would have crumbled under the pressure. Luckily my buyers kept calm, too, and together we made it happen!

If you’re buying a home, just be ready. Anything can happen!